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A beautiful fireplace is a quintessential centerpiece in any den or living room. It’s more than just a beautiful feature that defines the room—it’s also a source of heat and a symbol of comfort.

If you’re looking to reap the benefits of having a fireplace in your home in Plymouth, Wayne County, Livonia, Canton, or Detroit, MI, Alpha & Omega LLC will help you evaluate your options to find the ideal installation for your space.

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Fireplace & Stove Products

Whether you prefer a gas log fireplace or want the convenience and simplicity of an electric insert, count on us to talk you through the many options available to you. Likewise, if you’re interested in stoves in Plymouth, MI, we’ll gladly show you many of the best-rated options and provide information about them.

Our selection of stoves and fireplaces in Plymouth, MI includes several of the industry’s best name brands, as well as a variety of fuel source options. Some of the great brands we’ll be happy to introduce you to include:

  • Buck Stove
  • Design Specialties
  • Enviro
  • Hearth Craft
  • Innsbrook
  • Oakdale
  • Real Fyre
  • White Mountain Hearth
  • Mendota
  • Napoleon

We’re knowledgeable about everything we sell and able to provide recommendations based on your budget or preferences.


Creating the perfect fireplace aesthetic means customizing your installation around your unique vision. We have everything you need to do just that, while also ensuring completely safe operation. Our full scope of fireplace and stove accessories include:

  • Chase caps
  • Chase flashing
  • Chimney caps
  • Chimney liners
  • Wood burning stoves
  • Fireplace damper
  • Fireplace doors
  • Fireplace screens
  • Gas fireplaces
  • Furnace liners
  • Gas inserts
  • Gas logs
  • Specialty caps


Wood Fireplace Products

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Gas Fireplace Products



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StovesFor more information about the complete range of stove and fireplace products we offer or to get to know any of our products specifically, visit Alpha & Omega LLC today.

Our mission is to make sure your home is outfitted with the perfect centerpiece, providing you with warmth and comfort for decades to come. Call us for a new fireplace, chimney repair, and more!

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